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Mount Fertazza 2080 mt
Promotional video of Val Fiorentina


Unmissable is the view that you can enjoy from up here...

The Refreshment Bar and Restaurant dominates the valley, surrounded by Massifs Pelmo Civetta, Marmolada, Cernera and in the background the Sella immersed in a natural setting of rare beauty.

Outside, in the winter, a very popular "ice counter" (ICE BAR) will tempt you with a wide variety of sandwiches and with the many grappas of a thousand flavors that the owner of the Refuge Ivo nicely offers his customers.

Inside, at the restaurant - Self Service area, local and national dishes are waiting for you, prepared by our chef's expert hands, who succeeds to delight even the most demanding palates.
Try Grandma Claudia's fabulous strudels and cakes... flavours of tradition!



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