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Volunteer Firemen at Selva di Cadore

The detachment of volunteer firemen in Selva di Cadore was founded in 1904.
They belong to the National Corps of Firemen and perform rescue operations throughout the municipality of Selva di Cadore and the surrounding towns.
Currently, the detachment consists of 15 volunteers, operating 24 hours a day, and also staff on leave for support activities.
We are alerted by the operations centre of the Provincial Command of the Fire Brigade of Belluno through pagers.
We provided assistance to the population after the flood of Sarno, and the territory of L’ Aquila after the earthquake.


The detachment of Selva di Cadore has vehicles on supply and specific equipment for emergencies in the mountain areas.

• Fire truck tank Iveco 160 to 4000 litres of water
• Multi- emergencies af / combi 4x4
• Defender 90
• Campagnola with woods modular unit  400 lt 
• Pick up nissan • Trailer with fires motor pump
• Trailer with floods motor pump
• Trailer with woods modular unit lt 500



Vigili del Fuoco Volontari Selva di Cadore

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