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September... do not miss it!

Unmissable "Tirkle Party"

Do not miss the traditional appointment at Passo Giau to taste the famous "Tirkle". Like every year Anne and the Troi family will prepare the delicious fried pastries stuffed with ricotta and spinach or sauerkraut, from an ancient recipe of Val Badia.
Refuge Fedare welcomes the arrival of the Autumn.

The event will be in the new terrace of Rifugio Fedare.

Refuge Fedare - Passo Giau
Tel. 0437 720182 - 339 4369929

Recipe for "tirkle"by  Anna Troi

250 g. white flour
250 g. rye flour
2 eggs
a little oil
water or warm milk to taste

Mix everything in a bowl, let stand for 30 minutes. Roll out the dough very thinly and cut discs. Stuff with mixture of ricotta and spinach or with sauerkraut, cover with another circle of dough and fry in deep fat.

Bon appetit!

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