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Rossini Family

In 1993 The Bar Bianco opened after the rebuilding of the old dairy underneath where our old grandparents after a laborious day in the fields cutting wood, regrouping the cows for the milk collection, took the fresly collected milk to be made into butter, cheese and delicate ricotta.

The owner Gioacchino, ice cream maker coming back from Germany with his family, was lucky enough to continue with his traditional craft in his homeland. He employs only genuine local dairy products, like the pure cream butter, the local most loved cheese from the diaries, the fresh and delicate ricotta, the smoked ricotta and the freshly collected milk . His purpose is to let visitors to Val Fiorentina know and taste these precious traditional products


And last but not least, as we used to say in ladino,
“con an piat de na bona ziera ve spete de tanc, e n gramarzhe’ a duc cuanc chi che ven a me ciata’ al Bar Bianco”
(with a beautiful smile I wait for you all and thank you for visiting the Bar Bianco).

Storia del Bar Bianco a Santa Fosca


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