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Volunteer Fire Brigade of Selva di Cadore

The Volunteer Fire Brigade was founded in 1904 as the Society Volunteer Firefighters of Selva di Cadore, with 80 founding members.

The volunteer firefighters of Selva di Cadore have always been an expression of our community, the children of our people, the best of our youth, the strongest of our men. Since they were officially constituted in 1904 this century, all the village recognizes and identifies with them.

From the book: "100 years of the Volunteer Firefighters of Selva di Cadore 1904/2004" 

by Don Lorenzo dell' Andrea and Renzo Nicolai




The Detachment Historical Museum

It was inaugurated on the day of its 100 years' foundation. In the museum there is a wide range of antique tools and equipment narrating the valor and courage of our men in the course of this century. Out of one of the rooms in our headquarters we created a museum where we have placed all the equipment and original clothing belonging to the firefighters of Selva. 
The materials here guarded are maintained so efficiently to be routinely used in many events or historical commemorations. The museum is open every Thursday in July and August from 18 to 20 and in the other months it is opened on request for schools or visitors.
Our staff is available to illustrate the history, the salient points and the curiosities of the museum. 

The visit to the Museum is free. For information on opening dates or visits for groups / students please contact the office of Pro Loco Valfiorentina.

Museo Vigili del Fuoco Volontari Selva di Cadore
Museo Vigili del Fuoco Volontari Selva di Cadore
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